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Truckersworld is a Free site for everyone, our membership includes Police Officers, VOSA Officers, Highway Agency Officers, Training Personnel, Directors, Transport Managers, Owner Drivers, Agency Drivers and Employed Drivers, along with others from within the Industry.

Our viewing figures of over 70million a year reflects the amount of times the site is looked on to gather information from the members or to get help and advice within the workings of the interactive forum.

The Aims of Truckersworld can be seen from our performances, Talking to the many Associations, Organisations and Government Ministers to improve the facilities and working environment for Drivers, and also work to help the Industry to fight truck crime, lower fuel cost and bring about better and safer overnight parking to name just some of our ongoing ambitions.

Truckersworld is now a Communication centre for drivers and then onto many other parties and works closely with other Associations like the RHA/FTA and Truckpol

We run a Truck Theft Text Alert endorsed by the FTA and AVCIS (Truckpol).

I attend the RHA Security Forum Meetings to add the voice of the Driver in discussions and to keep up to date on relevant Security issues.

Truckersworld has no means of generating an income, other than from reputable advertisers which brings in a small amount yearly.  We need and request the financial assistance that a sponsor could offer us.  Someone we could work closely with to promote their own name or brand of goods.

Could you offer the help we need to continue to build on improving better facilities and the health and welfare of drivers and the work we do in helping the Industry.

If yes, then we would be pleased to talk to you.

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