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Truck Crime Reporting

It has been well recognised the importance of reporting truck crime to build true statistics and then enable the correct resources be assigned to it. A large proportion of truck related crime goes unreported like curtain slashing and fuel theft and other small incidents.

The information from this online form along with other party enquiries can be used to locate specific crimes and "hot spots" 

This Form is NOT for reporting crime to the Police  It is a means of simply collating more information and will be passed on to Truckpol, The FTA and The RHA.

However small the crime please report it.  (Truck Related Crime only)

E/mail address is for my information only and will not be passed on to any third party

  Truck Crime Reporting
Date and Time of Crime?
Location, Including Address if Possible
Details of the Crime, as much information as possible?
Was it reported to the Police Yes, By me
Yes, by the Company
Not sure
Your Email Address
Any further comments

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Thank you for taking the time to complete the form.

Every 3 months I will publish a report on the information collated and pass it on to other interested parties.

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