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The registration below will enlist you into the receiving of Truck Theft Text Alerts via your Mobile phone.

You will on signing up receive a Membership Card with personnel ID Number and cab window sticker for display in your cab, to act as a deterrent.

Please fill in all fields, these are for records only and will not be passed on to any third party, other than the mobile Phone Number into the system.

driver register:
username (if applicable):
mobile tel:
confirm mobile tel:
My mobile phone number will be sent to "Fastsms" for use in Text Alert.

Member's cards are for personal use and may not to be passed on to others.

Membership can be withdrawn without prior warning if system abuse occurs.

I have read and understand these conditions.

For more and the latest information on the Text Alert, please take a look on the forum.

Thank you for joining in with hundreds of other drivers in the fight against crime.

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