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2008 is now here and with us so the push for more improvements start immediately. I am pushing to get our Lobby Team into a meeting with Ruth Kelly (DfT) I have put together a full proposal and presentation to try and being about better Secure Lorry parking across the UK with advantages to all parties;-

1/ Would cost the DfT or Government nothing.

2/ It would save the Haulage Industry £millions.

3/ Be good for the environment, with less movement of freight transport.

4/ Residents would welcome it; many suffer with lorry’s looking for parking places at night.

5/ All lorry parking would improve with added competition.

6/ Drivers would know where to go and not risk being left stranded with no parking.

7/ Would ease the Police time with transport being parked safely.

8/ Crime figures could effectively be reduced involving lorry transport.

9/ Could provide added income to Town Councils.

10/ Provide Truck Drivers with proper parking and facilities they deserve.

On the forum is a letter that members have been sending of to the DfT to try and bring about this important meeting, so far with no response so a petition has also been set up. Please have a look and sign the petition.

Talks are continuing with Extra and Welcome Break MSAs to bring about further improvements to their motorway services, and I will continue to talk and communicate with them.

In April this year will be the first annual get together for members of Truckersworld, a evening in Skegness with disco and live entertainment plus a running buffet all in a private function room. Most importantly it is all free to members and a chance to meet and put a face to a name while enjoying the evening.

New on the forums is a "Truckersworld Deliberations" a specific forum to reach a true aspect of drivers feelings leading to proposals and suggestions on how things can be improved. I will be inviting the right personnel in a position to make the changes to read all the comments and hopefully come up with positive idea's. The membership and personnel reading the forums continues to grow and so bring about good discussion with views from all aspects from our Industry,

2008 will hopefully see a continuing growth allowing truckersworld to bring your opinions into the right areas for bringing about change for the better. Truckfest in April starts another season, and I am looking at trying to get a stand at Peterborough this year, giving a chance to show what we are all about and another chance for members to meet up, more details in the coming months.

The Truck Theft Text Alert continues to frustrate me in getting it recognised and used for the benefit in beating truck crime, the good news is that Welcome Break are once again sponsoring the cost of running the Alert. Thanks to their generosity I am able to keep pushing it forward and building up a ever increasing number that wish to be involved and join the Alert system.

As always far more information is contained in the forums, this is the place to look and hopefully register to join in with all the debates and discussions. Look forward to seeing you on there for a good chat. New on the forum area is also a seperate chatroom to be able to have a good gossip with fellow members. Happy New Year to you all and lets hope for good health and wealth for us all.

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