Request for DCPC Review Responsible department: Department for Transport We would like to request that the DfT, DVLA and

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The Driver periodic CPC continues to be one of the biggest topics and concern of Drivers on Truckersworld and other driver sites at the moment. It is very much still seen as a stealth tax and not much benefit in its current format.

 Truckersworld is continuing to oppose it and in are in constructive talks with the DfT and DSA plus other parties that are starting to realise that the implementation of the Driver CPC is not working as expected and faults are showing through with a massive lack of interest from the Industry and as stated by the DSA already down by 2.5m hours on what was expected.

To keep up to date on developments visit the forum regularly and read the topics, I am awaiting some key answers to questions from the DSA and many members are contacting their own MPs to bring this up in parliament, pressure can bring about change.

At the same time that Truckersworld opposes the CPC we recognise that many 1000s of drivers want to continue in their chosen career and take up the training so coming shortly to our forum will be a new Help and advice forum specifically on the cpc, already in place is the construction of a listing of Jaupt approved Training Providers to make it easier for drivers to find information in their own areas the listing is on the site and can be seen here

One of the biggest problems facing the Industry is the problem and cost involved with “Fuel Theft” It is not just the cost of the fuel but time lost and possible damage to tanks and feed lines.

Truckersworld continues to talk to Truck Secure  who are now in the testing stage of the new and most innovative fuel theft alarm. It will drastically cut down on the threat and could well reduce the burden of fuel theft altogether. Take a look at their website for more information.

Earlier in the Month Truckersworld were invited to Hull for the NS Frits Seminar to find out more about their new innovation and for them to receive feedback from drivers and others in the Industry. The aim in basic detail is to provide information to drivers across the seven regions quickly and easily, on truck parking, crime hotspots, road updates etc.

We did consider there is still a lot of work to do on this format but in general the idea is good providing the information is up to date what is required to make it easier for drivers. More information is on the forum.

The DfT “Lorry Parking Strategy” is now slowly moving forward and is the start to incorporate the much needed suitable parking for overnight Lorries. Truckersworld were pleased to ask its members to take part in the AECOM Survey to find out more from drivers on what is required and the take up has been fairly big. The survey is still on the forum and anyone who wishes to submit to it can do so.

Also on the forum is a request for a survey by the RSSB who are looking into the problem of “Bridge Strikes” There were 1700 bridges hit last year and if anything can be done to prevent this happening then changes must be put into place, drivers are being asked for their opinions on certain aspects to find out better the problems. The survey is again in the forum.

This news section can only ever give you some basic idea of what is happening within Truckersworld, you need to have a look on the forum for far more information and information. It is all free and along the serious side is the fun elements after a hard days work. See you on there soon




On Wednesday 14 July Truckersworld will be travelling into Westminster for a meeting with Ministers from the DfT to continue pushing forward our proposals on Overnight Secure Lorry parking and to present Drivers opinions on the various issues that we talk about on the forum.

A full report on the meeting will be presented on the forum at a later date.

 The LSN Lorry Parking Seminar was attended by many from within the Industry and I as guest speaker did my best to put forward the driver’s perspective on the problems and issues. The Seminar proved very informative and a good evening was had by all. Thanks to LSN who hosted it and put forward a chance to hear more on this debated problem.

The LSN have produced their quarterly news letter which includes an article about Truckersworld and is a good read about the seminar. Have a read of it here: -

Truckersworld has also been involved with an article about Truck Crime on the “Volvo Global Website” that is now online along with an interesting video produced by Volvo Interesting and worth a look here: -

The power of a polite and respectful letter to Management by Truckersworld has once again brought about an amicable solution for drivers after the use of toilet facilities were withdrawn after one of our own let us down by vandalism. Letters to the Stobarts Group and Booker Ltd saw Directors investigate and come to a solution to benefit us all.

Please if facilities are offered then respect them and allow for their use to continue. If something is not right then a polite letter can on many occasions bring about a solution.

On our “home page” you will see the facility to report truck crime, however small the crime we would like to know. It might only be a small cut in a curtain or small amount of fuel, but it is still a crime and needs to be recorded. Always report it to the Police, but this will allow us to build up a bigger picture of how often and on what size scale the smaller incidents of truck related crime is happening and to be able to pin point black spots that could be avoided. Thank you for your help.

With the lack of use of our Truck Theft Text Alert we are now looking into how it might be made better and easier for the use of Companies.

In the Months of Jan/Feb/Mar over 700 vehicles were stolen so there is still a massive cost to the Industry and if as Drivers we can help beat the criminals then we will do our best. More information on how you can help get involved with the TTTA is on our home page.

To collate some statistics for use by Truckersworld we have put on line a very quick and simple survey, there is not of a confidential nature and the information is being gathered to help our site continue running in the future.

 If you could take 2 minutes to fill it in then it would be highly appreciated. The survey is here: - 

Thank you.

Some of the immediate results have been put on the forum as it makes quite interesting reading in that only 1.3% of Drivers that have filled in the survey are under 30 years of age.

Does this show a trend of very little new blood coming into the profession and is the UK on course for melt down as the older and more experienced drivers hang up their keys. This is just the sort of topic that proves to be interesting reading and why not join in and add your own opinion on the forum, register on the forum which is FREE and join us for talks on all various subjects including the fun and enjoyment side of Truckersworld.

The Forum is here: -

 For now have a good look around the site, book mark it so you can come back when you have more time and visit us regularly to keep up to date on what Truckersworld is actively doing to help drivers and the Industry. See you on the forum soon I hope and don’t forget that survey!!

Thank you


On the 27th of this month I will be attending the Secure Parking Seminar hosted by “Logistics Security Network” at the moment there is an expected 60 representatives attending including representation from the Police, RHA & FTA.

The evening seminar is to cover:-

  • Government plans for secure parking
  • Where to find information on secure parking sites
  • What it takes to be a Park Mark secure parking site
  • Crime trends and hotspots
  • A driver's perspective

I have been asked to be a guest speaker to give the “Drivers perspective” on 6 subjects:-

  • What is the current situation for drivers regarding secure parking – ‘real world’ 
  • What are the main problems with parking securely
  • What are the reasons that drivers do not use secure parking areas
  • What secure truck stop operators could do to attract more drivers
  • What would be the ideal solution from a drivers’ perspective – what drivers want / need
  • What is the best solution in the short term with the secure parking facilities currently available

I have been asking the members on the forum for their comments on these subjects and will make my presentation on their comments. Good to see that more are now talking on the problems of overnight secure parking and with the DfT “Lorry Parking Strategy” in place hopefully in the future more secure truckstops can become a possibility.

New on the website is a simple form for reporting truck crime, this is not intended as a means of reporting crime to the police which I stress must always be done however small the crime may seem.

It is a means of collating statistics on the smaller matters of crime like small curtain slashings and fuel theft which are not taken forward at the moment. Until proper statistics can be brought together we can never know how big the problem is, so if you or any of your colleagues wake in the morning to some criminal damage to your curtains or fuel tank please take 2 minutes to fill in the simple form. Thank you.

We now have a new coalition Government in place and so the time has come to start lobbying Government again to see what they propose and to put our issues forward.

A letter is now on the way to Philip Hammond MP  (Secretary of State for Transport) asking for a meeting with the Truckersworld Lobby Team, the letter and comments can be seen on the forum.

Once a meeting has been made possible a full agenda of what we will be proposing and bringing up at the meeting by the lobby team will be presented on the forum.

On the “Notice Board” you will see news of a new fuel theft alarm and deterrent, Truckersworld has been working with this Company for a number of months to ensure it is correct for the drivers and Companies alike and looks like it will be a massive break through in beating the criminals intent on stealing fuel.

Since going on the notice board more testing has been carried out and improvements made. Keep your eyes open for a launch date of this new product.

The next few months will become a busy time with new ambitions in getting action from the new Government, your support, comments and views are all very important in our actions in trying to represent the true voice of the drivers so please join our little community on the forum and join in the debates and discussions and enjoy the more relaxing and fun postings by our many members.

See you on there soon.  Drive Safe.

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