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About Us

Who are we?

Barrie who is the webmaster and Founder behind this site, is a Trucker himself with over 25 years experience in the industry. He is helped along by his good wife Lesley, who is responsible for logging and filing all the information and complaints received from you.  Barrie and Lesley are the 2 people that you will speak to on the other end of this machine. Or join the Interactive forum and speak to 1000s of other drivers where you can discuss things, ask for help or just have a friendly chat.

Truckersworld also has it's own "Lobby Team" of experienced Drivers to attend meetings on your behalf, Barrie (Truckersworld), _BOSS_, ta mac, tc trans(O/D), trazman and Jo all give up their own time to help improve our working life, and they can all be found on the interactive forum.

What is it all about?

It is initially an area of contact and information for the Trucker, we will try to post you with information, and we hope you will tell us what you want to see improved in the Industry, anything that is important to you, we will do our best to reply to all correspondence, and acknowledge your problem.

All comments received from you will be read, so tell us anything you want. About this site, criticism, problems, idea's we want to make it your site so talk to us?

The aim of Truckersworld?

Is to log and file your comments, complaints, problems, that you send us either by e/mail or our contact page, and once enough information is gathered about a particular Company or complaint, we will contact the relevant Directors or Managers and present them with the relevant facts about your complaints.

Hopefully when they are confronted with the facts from 1000s of drivers they will listen and make the required changes. Simple?

Without your co-operation by sending and telling us the problems, then no improvements can be made.

Why are we needed?

You are professional drivers that see the daily problems, but who listens to you when you try complaining, No one. Till now, we are here to listen to you and act on information you provide.

1 Complaint by a Driver = You will be ignored

100 complaints sent by us = They might just start to listen.

1000 complaints sent by us = Any good Company will have to listen.

So the more contact we receive from you then the more co-operation we are liable to get from the Company Directors.

What happens next?

That is up to you, we need your support and information, without it we cannot make the changes the Industry desperately needs. I have already had meetings with key RDCs and had some success, but that is only the beginning. I know the problems you face, Lack of respect, less parking facilities, rip off motorway prices, road congestion, speed camera's, delays loading unloading. I do not need to go on we all know the problems.

I could go on and answer another 100 questions you might have, but you have my E/mail so if you still do not see any reason to offer us your support then contact us and tell us why.

If you think it is time that someone speaks up for the drivers in the UK then join us now and lets make a difference.

Last but also important, truckersworld is completely independent so if you are able to afford any contribution towards our running cost it would be much appreciated. Donations can be made using the very safe and secure Pay Pal method, click the logo on the left-hand side of the screen to donate.

The ball is now in your court, join us and let us try to make some changes for the better. You can sit on the fence no longer and hope.

Join us today, NOW  

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