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Truck Alert

The Truckersworld Truck Theft Text Alert (TTTA) is supported and endorsed by: - ACPO, AVCIS (Truckpol) and The Freight Transport Association,  Press Releases, HERE

• Eight out of every 1000 HGVs on the road are stolen every year and only one in every 1000 is recovered. 

• Over one in four of the victims will lose business as a result.

• More than half of all trucks stolen are taken from operators’ own premises.

What is the TTTA?

How many times have we read in the Trucking Media or heard on the news of another lorry or trailer that has been stolen and then 3 days later it has been recovered burnt out or with the load gone. Or maybe it has already happened to you. It is quite easy for the criminals to take it to an Industrial Estate and unload the goods into a van as no one knows it is stolen.  It will just be another vehicle being unloaded.

This TTTA will alert drivers of the vehicle registration, livery colours and distinguishing marks of a vehicle that has been stolen so they can become the "Eyes on the Road" looking out for it, all within 30 minutes if possible of being notified of the theft. Just imagine a vehicle has been stolen and you now have 100s/1000s of drivers up and down the Country looking out for it. not quite so easy for the criminal to hide up and unload anymore. Plus the deterrent will work as the word gets out that Drivers are being alerted to a vehicle or goods to look out for.

How will this work?

  • email:-  to inform us of a stolen vehicle
  • We agree a small fee to cover the cost and receive as much information as possible from you on make model, colour, registration  etc
  • This information is then passed to the 100s/1000s of drivers to act as the "Eyes on the Road" in locating the stolen vehicle.
  • When a stolen vehicle is spotted by a driver the police are informed.

Company Management.

2009 = 1604 Stolen HGV Vehicles, are you next?

Truck Crime is increasing due to the lack of secure parking and basically easy pickings for the criminal minded, plenty of time to unload and move the goods due to lack of Police resources.  A stolen Lorry is just another vehicle on an estate being unloaded unless drivers are made aware.

It is time for the whole Industry to stand together in the war against crime.

Together we can beat Truck Crime.

Sponsorship and Support is required to ensure the long term viability of this Truck Theft Text Alert. 

Supported by: -


For details on sponsoring the TTTA. Please contact me  

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