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Truck Theft Text Alert (TTTA) is supported and endorsed by: - The ACPO, AVCIS (Truckpol) & The Freight Transport Association. Press Releases can be read, HERE  

The all too famous saying "It won't happen to me"

• Eight out of every 1000 HGVs on the road are stolen every year and only one in every 1000 is recovered.

• Over one in four of the victims will lose business as a result.

• More than half of all trucks stolen are taken from operators’ own premises.

It is 4am on a Monday morning, A vehicle has been stolen from your yard,  Police have been informed, the driver sent home, loss of days earnings and possible business contracts, get the mass of paperwork ready for insurance claims, Nothing else can be done now!!!

or is there???

"The Police do not have the resources to search all the retail parks and Ind Estates, and unless drivers are made aware of a theft, then a stolen vehicle is just another lorry being unloaded next to them"

For a very small fee covering the cost, You would have 1000s of extra eyes all over the UK on the look out for your stolen vehicle,

Had a vehicle or trailer stolen then act now.




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Truckersworld is a non profit organisation for the Drivers in the Industry  If you would like to sponsor this Truck Theft Text Alert please contact us.

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